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Student Recreation Flooring

Can the right student recreation flooring solution help you build a healthier campus community? Yes, it can.

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The student recreation center is more than a building. It’s a space to build health, wellness, engagement, and community for students and staff. That’s why campus recreation flooring choice is critical when you’re building or renovating a campus recreation facility.

Ecore makes a wide range of campus recreation solutions, each engineered to offer safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits, from non-infill turf to vinyl rolls. Our high-performance flooring is engineered to support joints, reduce impact and return positive energy back to the body so people can do the activities they love longer. It’s extremely durable and quiet underfoot, too, making it ideal for high-traffic, multiuse campus buildings.

And, with customizable options, like logos, colors, or even inlaid turf graphics, you can use our student recreation flooring to build a space that becomes a home away from home. Whether students are training for an intramural championship or professors are om-ing away the stress of finals, our surfaces help you build a healthier campus community.


Create a facility where your community can safely gather and achieve their athletic, fitness, and wellness goals. Ecore flooring for student recreation facilities is designed to help prevent slips, skids, and falls, protecting students and staff, as well as reducing liability. Since we engineer our floors to absorb shock, they help reduce the risk of injuries when falls happen. Count on Ecore to provide surfaces that protect the body so your students can focus on cranking out the next rep instead of icing a sore ankle.



Sports and fitness-related injuries can sideline even the fittest student or trainer. Empower them to do what they love longer with ergonomic student recreation flooring. Our surfaces ergonomically support a wide range of activities, from yoga and fitness classes to cafes and rock climbing. Made to reduce fatigue and minimize discomfort, Ecore floors feature itsTRU™ technology, an innovative design that returns positive energy back to the body to help boost performance.



The student recreation center shouldn’t reach pep rally decibel levels. Ecore surfaces are engineered to help reduce sound and vibration in and between spaces, making it ideal for busy, multiuse facilities. Whether you need to reduce noise for studying neighbors or create a restorative space where students can practice mindfulness, Ecore acoustic flooring is the reliable choice for your campus recreation center.


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