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Sports Flooring

Take a tour of COPA Soccer Training Center. COPA features 10 types of Ecore sports surfacing that solve safety, ergonomic, and acoustic challenges for youth and professionals, including World Cup and NFL athletes.

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Being the best is never easy. Natural talent counts for a lot, but the truly elite hit the training center with determination and grit. At Ecore, we are committed to creating sports flooring and surfaces that promote consistency. We constantly ask ourselves: Can a floor do more to support the athlete? We believe the answer is Yes, a floor can reward those who train the hardest.

Athletes and coaches agonize over choosing shoes that will support them and help them perform their best — shouldn’t the floor they train on do the same thing? When an athlete beats his or her fastest time or lifts more weight than ever before, Ecore is there. Our shock-absorbent, slip-resistant flooring for all types of sports facilities allows athletes to train for peak performance while lowering the risk for injury. Made with innovative processes like patented itsTRU Technology, Ecore surfaces also support muscles during repetitive movements and help athletes get a little bit better with every session. Every surface. Every athlete. Every day.

Ecore also offers custom sports surfacing. Whether it's a team logo on a lifting platform, wayfinding colors in a corridor or lines on a turf field, we can customize surfaces so you can create an atmosphere that empowers your athletes. With custom color options and superior pattern capability, Ecore can turn your design into a reality.


For serious athletes, being sidelined by an injury is devastating. Ecore rubber sports flooring options are designed to keep athletes safe by reducing the risk of fall-related injuries and decreasing the crushing impact of repetitive training. Our surfaces, such as vulcanized composition rubber floors, can absorb the energy of hundreds of pounds of dropped weights. Everyone is on safer ground with Ecore.



Unrelenting repetition and impact. That’s how elite athletes get to where they are but it can also cause joint pain and serious injury. Our sports and fitness flooring returns energy with every contact and is ergonomically designed to protect joints, giving players a better shot at playing for one more month, one more season, or one more year, and to ultimately leave a legacy.



Focus and determination are crucial to elite athletic training but it's difficult to concentrate when you can hear weights being dropped in the studio above or the cardio class next door. Ecore rubber sports flooring is engineered to mitigate sound in and between spaces to deliver an ideal solution for multiuse buildings. Learn how we put our surfaces to the acoustical test.


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