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Hospitality Flooring

It could be the hottest hotel in the city — with designer linens, the hippest bar, and rumors flying that an Oscar winner booked a suite. But if it’s loud, the staff is exhausted, and the fitness center hasn’t been revamped in the last decade, nothing will save it from a one-star review. So, can performance hotel flooring materials help prevent bad reviews? We know, unequivocally, that the answer is "Yes."

It may not be a typical A-list concern, but the right hotel fitness flooring can change everything. Ecore fitness flooring for hotels has a five-star look that also reduces footfall impact, making the space significantly quieter. Because, after all, in the hospitality industry, the guest experience starts on the ground floor.


What if a hotel fitness center could deliver all of the “wow factors” that guests expect — and still reduce the risk of slips and falls? What if avid exercisers and athletes could go on vacation and still get a high-impact cardio workout and lower their risk of injury? Our designer floors for hotels not only look great, but they also prevent falls, absorb shock, and return energy, whether your guest is working out in their room or a cutting-edge hotel fitness center.



Hospitality is all about providing excellent service to the customer. Travelers' needs have changed as trends, such as core training and HIIT, have impacted how a guest exercises. Ecore hotel fitness flooring absorbs impact, cushions joints, and returns positive energy back to the body. Made with patented itsTRU™ technology, our ergonomic surfaces provide a more enjoyable workout and guest experience all while keeping noise at bay.



Rest and relaxation are hard to come by in our 24/7, always-on world, but no one should have to compromise on getting a good night’s sleep when traveling. Ecore hotel flooring materials feature composition rubber to insulate the sound and vibration occurring within a space, making the room feel quieter. The result: The cardio machines and weight drops stay in the fitness facility; so, you can say goodbye to noise complaints. Hear the difference for yourself.


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