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8, 10 or 12mm VCR Vulcanized Composition Rubber

Force ReductionHow much energy a surface absorbs
Energy RestitutionHow much energy a surface returns


The original Turf underlayment. Ecore’s BL41 is a prefabricated, ShockPad engineered for installation underneath artificial turf systems.

Flooring Type: Underlayments Form & Dimensions:
8mm (0.31”), 10mm (0.40”) or 12mm (0.46”) x 48” (1.2m) x 25 LF (7.62m)
  • Plays like well-conditioned natural grass (G-Max in the 95-110 range)
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the athlete
  • 93% post-consumer recycled content


  • Outdoor Turf Fields

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