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Performance Collection

The Performance family of products offers everything an athletic director or head coach needs to create an ideal training and performance environment for their athletes. We manufacture eight types of engineered rubber flooring surfaces for a range of activities, from light strength and conditioning to extreme strength training.

View our rubber flooring products, made for performance.

Performance Motivate

Tailored for light strength and conditioning, Performance Motivate is a 7.5mm vulcanized composition rubber surface that uses patented itsTRU™ technology to fusion bond a 2.5mm wear layer with a 5mm base layer. The result: a balanced distribution of force reduction and energy restitution, designed for the shift in fitness from equipment to more functional training.

Performance Beast

Designed for heavy strength training, Performance Beast is a 10.5mm vulcanized composition rubber system that uses patented itsTRU™ technology to fusion bond a 2.5mm surface layer with an 8mm base layer that maximizes energy restitution. This dual durometer system is engineered to enhance durability in applications dominated by free weight training.

Performance Beast Plus

Performance Beast Plus is the ideal floor for power, strength and functional training applications. This 14.5mm performance floor features a 2.5mm Vulcanized Composition Rubber (VCR) surface fusion bonded to a 12mm base layer using itsTRU™ technology. The result is a floor designed to withstand extreme weight impacts while minimizing bar bounce. Using Performance Beast Plus with our Performance Rally and/or Speed & Agility Turf creates the ideal fitness floor solution without transitions.

Performance Rally

Tailored for heavy conditioning, Performance Rally is a 14.5mm vulcanized composition rubber product. Using patented itsTRU™ technology, a 2.5mm wear layer is fusion bonded to a 12mm shock-absorbing base layer to achieve a dynamic force reduction of 35.40%. This dual durometer system is engineered to absorb the impact force related to aggressive functional training, providing an ergonomically advanced surface that works in concert with the body.

Performance Monster

Custom-made for extreme strength and conditioning, Performance Monster is a 22.5mm vulcanized composition rubber system. This surface features patented itsTRU™ technology to create a Performance Beast Roll (2.5mm VCR + 8mm VCR) and is then field united to a 12mm ShockPad in the field. The resulting triple durometer system combines the durability and firm footing desired in strength training with the ergonomic demands of aggressive functional training in one surface.

Performance Modzilla

Designed for extreme and Olympic-style weightlifting and training, Performance Modzilla provides the ultimate flooring solution for serious athletes. This 42.5mm surface features a 10.5mm Vulcanized Composition Rubber Performance Beast Roll that is field united to floating 32mm 24” x 48” interlocking Shockpad tiles. The resulting triple durometer system provides a floating system solution for facilities repurposing existing space.

Performance UltraTile ®

Performance UltraTile is designed with a patented “ultra” high-density wear layer on a molded base. This 24-by-24-by-1-inch modular tile offers enhanced shock absorption against impact in moderate to extreme weight drop applications.

Performance dbTile

2-foot by 2-foot by 2.5-inch molded tile is designed for areas where extreme durability and ultimate sound and shock absorption are required. Performance dBTile mitigates the shock and sound resulting from weights being released onto its surface by absorbing impact. Performance dBTile is the perfect complement to platform style weight lifting.

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