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Helping the athlete to do what they love, longer.

Running. Jumping. Pounding. Falling. And bouncing back. Time and time again. From the casual workout warrior to the serious athlete, repetitive motion, swift movement, and constant impact can take a toll on the body. At Ecore, we embrace the science of Ergonomics - the absorption of force and the return of energy. We develop flooring solutions that diminish fatigue, minimize discomfort, and allow athletes to perform at their highest levels. We make surfaces that sponsor longevity through innovative engineering and design.

Foot Impact/ Force Reduction

As the foot impacts the surface it deflects, absorbing energy.

An icon showing a surface absorbing energy as the foot impacts it.

Loading Phase of Footfall

The accumulation of stored energy in the middle of the foot strike.

An icon showing how energy accumulates in the middle of a foot strike.

Energy restitution

Stored energy is released into the athlete moving forward.

As a foot pushes off of a surface, stored energy is released to propel an athlete forward.

As weight impacts the surface, it deflects and is absorbed. The surface returns a reduced amount of energy - propelling the athlete, providing ergonomic support and mitigating injury.

Can a floor do MORE to advance the athlete's training? YES.