Surface America

Ecore Athletic has partnered with Surface America on a trio of installed systems for indoor and outdoor use. Every Surface America system is designed and manufactured with long-term performance in mind. They select the best material components available and design each surface with the characteristics necessary for the application. Their experienced installers and management team has the complete skill set, from concept to completion.

Surface America Product Collection

EverTop Outdoor Poured-in-Place System

Surface America’s EverTop™ is a half-inch wet poured, one-layer, troweled-on-site system featuring colored EPDM. EverTop surfaces provide great footing for high-traffic, recreation, and sport outdoor areas.

ElastoFloor Indoor Poured-in-Place System

Surface America’s ElastoFloor™ Roll-Pour system is engineered specifically for use as an indoor basketball, volleyball, tennis, racquetball, squash, multi-sport court or track. This surface has excellent slip, abrasion, and wear resistance. Its hardness maintains true ball response while the shock- and sound-absorbing base layer enhances performance and reduces fatigue. 

RecSport Turf Installed Outdoor System

Surface America’s extremely durable RecSport Turf uses the highest grade synthetic turf while maintaining the look of perfectly groomed grass without the maintenance.  The turf roll is adhered to a resilient rubber basemat over asphalt or concrete. RecSport Turf provides great footing and shock absorption for high-traffic, recreation, and sport outdoor areas. 

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