Printed Graphics and Logos

These engineered flooring graphics are designed to enhance your fitness or athletic space.

You can create zones, incorporate training programs, show off your logo or mascot, integrate wayfinding, and more. These graphics can be installed on new or existing Ecore rubber or vinyl surfacing. They are easy to install and are built to stand up to daily use in fitness or athletic applications.

Big Dots
  • Size: 122” x 36”
  • Price: $699
5D Drill
  • Size: 48” x 48”
  • Price: $299
Compass Target
  • Size: 54” x 54”
  • Price: $429
Agility 5
  • Size: 30” x 127”
  • Price: $879
9 Square
  • Size: 66” x 66”
  • Price: $599
Double Ladder HD
  • Size: 35” x 126”
  • Price: $959
Ladder HD
  • Size: 180” x 18”
  • Price: $629
Box Sprint
  • Size: 24” x 295”
  • Price: $629
For custom image uploads:
Uploading a vector file is preferred (2GB limit).
A vector file may be with one of the following extensions, .ai , .eps , and even .pdf . If you do not have a vector file, we will help you with a jpeg or .png file type. Example: , logo.eps

Please note that Printed Graphics and Logos are serviced by a third party vendor, Active Design Systems. This request will be submitted directly to them. If you are interested in Ecore’s inlaid rubber or turf logos, please contact Ecore customer service.

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