Ecore surfaces mitigate injury, protect the body, and promote ultimate and safe performance.

The safety of the athlete is paramount. From youth athletes to the elite professionals, it is rightfully the leading topic of conversation. At Ecore, our number one concern is keeping our athletes safe, so that they can perform at their peak level for longer.

Ecore is committed to the equipment under your feet.

Our resilient flooring products utilize recycled rubber composite to:

  • Reduce the risk of injury from a fall
  • Quiet the environment to facilitate focus and concentration
  • Mitigate long term problems that come from repetitive impact, and enhance the well-being of all athletes

How Supportive Is Your Surface?

1. Concrete, 2. Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl 2mm, 3. Rubber Sheet 2mm, 4. Homorogeneous Sheet Vinyl 2mm, 5. VCT, 6. Linoleum, 7. Forest rx, 8. Galaxy rx, 9. Strait rx, 10. Carpet 34oz 1/10 ga loop
*Based on the Deltec Test

Falls and injuries from falls during training persist throughout the sports and fitness landscape, and can impact the longevity of an athlete's career as well as the overall health and lifestyle of the individual.

Because at Ecore, safety is MORE.