Student Rec

From a competitive game of volleyball to preparing to run a 5K, playing on the right surface is important. Having a suite of flooring that supports a full range of activities is imperative. Can the right flooring contribute to the overall wellness of the student? Yes, Ecore flooring helps mitigate potential impact from repetitive movement and falls, and keeps developing joints healthy.

Ecore flooring for student rec centers and school gyms is made to help young students and young adults grow up safe. Whether using the student fitness center or attending a show in the university theater, Ecore helps prevent injury from serious falls, supports joint and muscle health, and even keeps the whole building quieter. Ecore knows that achievement isn’t just relegated to the classroom, and our surfaces support accomplishments in every space.


Being a student is a precarious balance of hard work and intense fun. No college co-ed can afford to miss their daily stress relief at the student rec center. Ecore floors prevent skids, slips, and falls. When falls do happen, our shock-absorbent material reduces the risk of serious injuries so students, trainers, and coaches can all have peace of mind.



Students play sports for the pure love of the game, and exercise out of respect for their bodies. In every instance, they need supportive surfaces. Even in high-traffic, heavy-use areas like student rec centers, Ecore floors return energy with every walk, run, and jump, so joints and muscles can develop in a healthy way with a lower risk of overtraining or injury.



The tranquil yoga class on the ground floor shouldn’t be disrupted by weights being dropped on the floor above or the spin class next door. An upperclassman deserves to enjoy a movie in the student theater without hearing the band rehearsing nearby. In chaotic, multi-use student rec centers, Ecore flooring provides quiet spaces to focus and concentrate without disruption.


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