Fitness equipment is a multibillion-dollar industry. Gym-goers spend time and money choosing the right shoes, the right yoga mat, the right clothing, and the right cardio equipment. When they get to the gym, isn’t it important that they find a floor that supports their fitness goals too? Yes.

Whether you’re heading to your very first yoga class or training for your Cross Fit competition, getting a workout should be fun. No one should have to worry about falling or injury from repetitive impact on a floor that’s unforgiving. Ecore fitness flooring absorbs shock, prevents falls and is easy to clean, making the gym a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable place to be. That’s why Ecore is fit for the gym.


Gyms and fitness centers should cater to everyone from the first-time yogi to the trophy-winning weight-lifter. These gym-goers might have different fitness goals, but they all deserve to be safe while working out, and to not slip in the locker room or at the edge of the pool. Our floors keep joints, muscles, and bones safer during repetitive impact. If you fall, we’re there to catch you. Our surfaces are even there to catch falling weights and reduce bounce-back, minimizing the chance for injury all around.



High-impact workouts don’t have to mean painful joints later. Ecore flooring is ergonomically designed to support muscles and joints through the most repetitive workouts or the most extreme functional training, so you can keep doing what you love, for longer.



The tranquil yoga class on the ground floor shouldn’t be disrupted by weights being dropped on the floor above or the spin class next door. In locker rooms and physical therapy areas, quiet means more privacy for everyone. Ecore fitness flooring is designed with quiet built in, so everyone at the gym can concentrate on their health goals, not on the disruptions around them.


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