Custom Colors & Logos

ColorMill is manufactured by Ecore, which is one of the only companies to develop their own EPDM product at their manufacturing facility in Lancaster, PA. The exclusive ColorMill process ensures your design will feature the most vivid colors and exhibit a smooth, even finish. There are no limits to the imagination! Create a shade with various formulations from the palette of pure ColorMill EPDM colors listed below.

If you can imagine it, we can create it. That’s the concept behind our custom logos program. Whether you want to boost your school's spirit with an inlayed mascot logo or add sophisticated design to your facility with freeform shapes, we can make it happen. Your design ambitions don’t have to come second to production capabilities- our custom color options and superior pattern abilities can make achieving your design a reality. Let Ecore’s logos, symbols, and freeform shapes create a personalized and inspiring atmosphere for your facility.

Color Options