At Ecore Athletic, people are paramount.

This collection of product families is designed to provide surfacing for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages to do what they love longer. How? By creating products that are Defined by Performance. Driven by Safety. That means offering superior surfaces that sustain a person’s body to keep up with their desire. Ecore’s recycled rubber products offer superior impact absorption and excellent slip resistant properties.

Whether you are a Mom or grandfather trying to stay in shape, an eight-year-old boy on a community basketball team, or an Olympic athlete training for the big game, Ecore Athletic offers the right surface for virtually every sport and fitness application imaginable.

The mission of ECORE, manufacturer of ECORE Athletic is to transform reclaimed waste into surfaces that deliver unique performance.

This is achieved by using more than 75 million pounds of recycled scrap-tire rubber to produce flooring products each year.

Why Choose Ecore Athletic?

  • Ecore Athletic is owned and manufactured right here in the USA
  • High-performance, high-quality surfacing
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Eco-logical, from raw material to vertically integrated operations
  • Smart technologies for impactful designs
  • Passionate, creative minds, working on your behalf


At Ecore Athletic, we understand an athlete's drive to excel in competition. Being the best always comes with a price, and the pursuit of victory often amplifies the opportunity for injury.

Without sacrificing speed or performance, Ecore Athletic provides the ideal amount of impact absorption over the life of the surface which allows athletes to do what they love, longer. While we cannot guarantee the elimination of all injuries, Ecore Athletic is committed to creating surfaces that lower the risk of injuries related to head and lower body stress.

Whether you're a Mom determined to protect your child, a Dad who wants their child to be the best of the best, a Coach that’s out to find the ideal combination between performance and safety, or an athlete determined to live the rest of their life playing the sport they love, Ecore Athletic is here for you.

Has Ecore Athletic impacted you, your sports team, your school, or your athletes? Please go to our contact page and tell us how.